The organiser ETH Zurich is contributing to the success of the IChO 2023 with its own efforts in the form of technical expertise, support staff, infrastructure and administration. The project will mainly have to be financed by fundraising income.

Interested in a partnership?

To be able to organise an outstanding competition and an attractive programme, the IChO 2023 is looking for partners from the private sector, foundations, private individuals and other interested donors who would like to support this unique event and invest in the researchers of the future.

You are making an important contribution not only to science but also to society: The IChO 2023 is an ideal way to promote Switzerland as an attractive location for study and research and shows the importance of chemistry as a natural science for our society and industry.


If you wish to support the IChO 2023 with a higher donation or with in-kind contributions (e.g. an excursion or a ceremony) please contact us directly.

David Spichiger, Executive Director, Swiss Chemical Society, SCS, Chemistry
David Spichiger
Swiss Chemical Society, Schweizerisch Chemische Gesellschaft, Association, Chemistry
Executive Director of the Swiss Chemical Society (SCS)

"The IChO offers a platform for the best and most talented young chemists from all parts of the world to show their skills and break down cultural barriers. For Switzerland, it is a great opportunity to position itself as an attractive location for research and development, both in academia and industry."

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