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Rector, ETH Zurich, Dr. Prof. Sarah Springman, University
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Prof. Dr. Sarah M. Springman
Rector of ETH Zurich

"ETH Zurich is delighted to host for the first time the International Chemistry Olympiad in 2023! The International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) is an annual international competition for talented high school students. The IChO stimulates the disciplines of chemistry in a large sense , and the industries that depend on it. It inspires the students who compete, and brings out the excellent teaching and research undertaken around the world. It celebrates and develops the potential of the world’s brightest young chemists. 

Looking back on a very successful history on Chemistry at ETH Zurich and the universities international spirit, it is a tremendous pleasure to be the host for this event. Let us use the findings of modern life sciences to further advance progress! With combined efforts and your support, both in terms of content and financially, we will manage to make the 53rd IChO an unique and powerful experience for the students, their teachers, and the disciplines. 

We invite you to become a partner of IChO 2023!"

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Sarah M. Springman

Prof. Dr. Kurt Wüthrich
ETH professor in biology and Nobel Prize winner in chemistry 2002

"The first International Chemistry Olympiad was held more than 50 years ago, and in 2023 the IChO will be organised in Switzerland for the first time. Scientific research today is mainly driven by interdisciplinary projects that integrate contributions from talents from different specialised fields. Chemistry often plays a central role in this, as I have experienced in my scientific life. After completing a PhD in inorganic chemistry, I have conducted research in physics, biology and the biomedical sciences over the decades.


In the process, my knowledge of chemistry has decisively promoted communication between the different disciplines. Today I am particularly pleased that ETH Zurich, and thus Switzerland, can make an important contribution to ensuring future generations of researchers working in chemistry and related sciences; IChO 2023 deserves the full support of us all."

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Kurt Wüthrich

If you wish to get more information on the IChO 2023, you can download our OnePager here: 

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