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We live in an era of needing to find new solutions. Find out how chemistry is helping.

Let's find great solutions together!

IChO 2023 is not a simple competition... It's made to show how chemistry can develop great solutions!


Finding solutions is the central theme of IChO 2023. The wordplay is intentional. On the one hand, a solution in chemistry is a homogeneous mixture consisting of two or more chemically pure substances. On the other hand, a solution is what is needed to accomplish a task or problem.

The IChO 2023 has both meanings in mind. No chemistry competition would be possible without the help of solutions, solutes, and solvents. At the same time, finding solutions to the challenges that affect our world is critical. With the support and innovation of passionate and dedicated young chemists, it will be possible to improve our quality of life and meet the challenges of our time and of the generations to come.


We, the Organising Committee of IChO 2023, asked ourselves what "Finding Solutions" could mean for our daily work. For us, the solution was sustainability. We use sustainability as a guideline for the choices we make while organising transport options, choosing interview partners or deciding which gifts our guests will receive.   

How does the IChO contribute to sustainability?

Guided on the one hand by the United Nations (UN) 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and on the other by the Sustainable Development.


Discover the concrete actions our team is taking to minimise the carbon footprint of this event:

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