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10 Things You Must Know About the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO)

Aktualisiert: 20. März 2023

A Guide to the IChO Competition

This is a book dedicated to everyone in the community who wants to promote chemistry. It may be useful to students who are interested in Chemistry Olympiad, chemistry teachers, and other science instructors at the secondary and collegiate levels.

This is a one-of-a-kind book that details the "behind-the-scenes" preparation and training that students undergo in various countries (including a subchapter on Switzerland). It aims to enable the effective promotion of chemistry in your respective countries and around the globe.

Multiple authors have contribute to this book:

Besides the two main authors I-Jy Chang and Fun Man Fung (both current or former members of the International Steering Committee (SC), the list of co-authors includes many current and former mentors, participants or organisers of IChOs around the world: Seth N Brown, Petra Menova, Elise Y LiJ L Kiappes, Christine A Saber, Amalia Torrealba, Alessandro Trigilio, Cesar Urbina, Clement Guibert, Aurelien Moncomble, Andrej Godec, Matthias Liau Yi Quan, Dominic Egger, Patrik Willi, Baptiste Haddou, Per Lindgren, Andy Taylor, Cuong Vu Viet, Nobuhiro Kihara, Anne Szymczak, Bingjian Li, Charles Windle, Steven Liu, Ekasith Somsook, Magdalena Lederbauer, Ben S Pilgrim

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