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Experience the Thrill of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Are you equipped with a passion for turning innovative ideas into successful products? Switzerland has been consistently recognized as an innovation leader for more than ten years, and Innovation Park Ost is here to help you unleash your potential.

At Switzerland Innovation Park Ost, we understand that the journey from a groundbreaking idea to a commercial product requires expertise, collaboration, and financial support. That's why we bring together the right partners to accelerate your path to success. Our mission is simple: "Connecting Great Minds". In collaboration with associations like the IChO, research institutes, companies and other partners, we create an environment in which great minds can flourish.

Turning knowledge into innovation

Let's take a look at a shining example of success - matriq AG, a promising start-up based in St.Gallen. The four Founders, André Bernard, Klaus Dietrich, Cornelia Nef and Mathias Mächler were at Buchs Technical University and experts in the field of microtechnology. They have devel-oped and patented a technology for individual marking and coding of plastic products directly dur-ing injection molding, which not only enhances the efficiency of the marking but also provides anti-counterfeiting protection. matriq AG aims to revolutionize the plastics industry and contribute to the circular economy. Their journey began in the laboratory, where they successfully demonstrat-ed the technology on a laboratory scale. The experienced start-up team Startfeld of Switzerland Innovation Park Ost supported them on their journey.

Connecting Great Minds

No matter whether you are interested in microtechnology, IT, chemistry, or other disciplines, with Switzerland Innovation Park Ost, you will have the opportunity to learn and grow alongside like-minded individuals. We will guide you in perfecting your business pitch, building your reputation through expert boards and start-up competitions, and connecting you with experienced investors and industry leaders. MATRIQ AG is now considered as a TOP100 start-up of Switzerland.

Learn more about our Switzerland Innovation Park Ost and matriq AG during the excursion to mount Säntis on Friday July 21st.


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