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IChO 2023 Newsletter Catalyzer #0.4

Aktualisiert: 20. Juni 2023

Let Find Solutions Together!

Dear Readers

The IChO could not take place without the commitment and dedication of many chemistry enthusiasts. Former Olympians play a very important role, as members of the scientific team, as volunteers or in some other role. In this issue, we will get to know some former IChO participants and learn more about the important role of volunteers. We also present the working world of young chemists at two of our partner companies.


Why it is Worth Becoming a Volunteer for IChO 2023

Itzel and Ivan both live in Zurich and share at least two things: They’ve participated in the International Science Olympiad, and are both involved in organising the International Chemistry Olympiad IChO 2023 in Zurich, an event which is bringing together young people from almost 90 countries and regions.


It’s Fun but not a Game

Professor Wendelin Stark and Dr. Nevena Paunović were both chemistry Olympians. In 2023, they will return to the Olympiad in new roles: the former as the head of the IChO Scientific Committee and the latter as a startup founder. In this podcast, they reveal how the Olympiad has influenced their lives and careers, and what participants can expect from the host country and the competition.


Chlorine Production in the Kitchen

Chlorine – you probably know that this gas is very reactive and that it is used as a disinfectant in swimming pools, for example. But did you know that you can safely make it yourself in small quantities?


Finding Solutions in Agricultural Research

Camilla Corsi grew up in Italy and studied chemistry in Florence before completing a PhD in Organic Chemistry at University College London, UK. In 2004, she joined Syngenta, a partner of IChO 2023 and a global, science-based agtech company. Read more about Camilla’s work as Head of Crop Protection Research and her experiences as a chemist in agricultural research.


Fun with Chemistry: Changing the Way We Experience the World

CNicolas Armanino, originally from Brazil, came to Switzerland to study chemistry. After his PhD in organic Chemistry at ETH and a postdoctoral stay in Munich, Germany, he joined the fragrance ingredients discovery team at Givaudan, an IChO2023 partner, where he works as a senior research scientist.


The Swiss Team is Ready for IChO 2023

On April 15th, the four winners of this year's Swiss Chemistry Olympiad were awarded gold medals at ETH Zurich. They are among the over 300 young people from around 90 countries who will compete in the IChO in July in Zurich.


Strengthening Chemistry in Switzerland

Meet our partner scienceindustries: With over 250 member companies active in Switzerland, the business association represents the nation's largest research and export industry. Throughout all its activities, scienceindustries has one goal: strengthening Switzerland as a leading hub of innovation!


Carrying the Olympic Spirit Back Home

ominic Egger is a former IChO participant, PhD student in chemistry at ETH Zurich and member of the Scientific Committee for IChO 2023. He tells us how he carried home the Olympic Spirit, what solutions he has to find as a committee member and how he manages to juggle the many tasks he is involved in.


Make the Most out of Your Stay in Zurich!

Explore Zurich on a budget and discover Switzerland's natural beauty. Extend your stay to experience the city and find hidden gems off the beaten track. Don't miss out on the chance to learn some Züridütsch, the local dialect!

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