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Our chemical detectives

"Scientific Committee" sounds like a significant role, and it is. But what exactly do its members do and how did we get here?

The committee started out as three dedicated people, supported by a handful of volunteers, who went on a search for authors all across Switzerland about two years ago. Anticipating the amount of work that awaits them, we “collected” small teams of people who were willing to contribute preparatory problems, exam tasks, and their availability during the event itself.

This January, the authors and the scientific committee successfully completed their first major challenge by providing 38 preparatory problems to the community.

While refinement of the preparatory problems is ongoing, the committee’s tasks have broadened and their focus has now shifted to the actual exams, their tasks, and their implementation. They are no longer simply collectors; they are now detectives. They meticulously search for even the slightest mistake and continue to find some. They do test runs of all tasks, which give valuable insights into the difficulties that participants may encounter.

They also “test” the premises of the exams to ensure equal and fair conditions for all participants. Are the rooms and labs big enough? Where does the sun shine in (blinding the participants or disturbing the exams)? Will there be cooling by air conditioning in summer, evenly and everywhere? How to best seat all participants in the exam premises? Is the planned logistics sound to handle all participants, all exam papers, and all jury meetings?

Only on the last day will they complete their task.

Thanks to all the dedicated members, authors, and helpers without whom it could not happen!

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