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Science for young talents

Aktualisiert: 14. Apr. 2023

The Science Olympiads awake talents and curiosity in young people. In 2022, around 6,800 students took part in the first round of the Olympiads in 10 subjects. The State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) supports selected stakeholders, among them the Science Olympiads, that help young people in Switzerland to compete with the world’s best and brightest.

Science Olympiads are held annually in Switzerland in: biology, chemistry, geography, computer science, linguistics, mathematics, philosophy, physics, robotics and and economics. The winners represent Switzerland at the international Science Olympiads.

In 2022, 55 talents represented Switzerland at international competitions abroad. Together with over 600 other students, they were previously supported in Switzerland with workshops, camps and coaching sessions.

At the 2022 International Olympiads, 85% of the of Swiss participants won an award and two pupils won a gold medal.

The Science Olympiads are only possible thanks to the work of volunteers, which were around 380 in 2022. On average, the work of a volunteer, who are mostly students under the age of 24, is equivalent to a 5% position.

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