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Super Guides

Mother, father, emergency doctor, anti-cheat, Zurich connoisseur and best friend - IChO would not be possible without our guides. They are the first point of contact for students and mentors. They know (almost) everything and are on duty around the clock.

The guides greet "their" delegations on arrival, take them to the Opening Ceremony and to every other activity on the packed IChO agenda. They make sure that students and mentors are on time, get their lunch and dinner and take the the right bus or tram. But they also know where Zurich is particularly exciting and where you can relax if you want a quiet minute. The guides have an extremely busy schedule from the arrival of the delegations to the farewell at the airport, they immerse themselves in the cultural world of "their" delegation and get to know many young and interested people. Their task is more than exciting and when you talk to former guides, you only hear positive things: "Being an IChO student guide was one of the best times of my life. You get to meet new and exciting people, learn a lot about unknown countries and - as a highlight - make new friends. When IChO is over, tears often flow, but wonderful memories remain."

Many guides know the IChO from their own participation. Now they give something back and learn how important it is to be part of a team. The guides are the ambassadors The guides are the ambassadors for bringing this event to life’. Let us thank and applaud all these superheroes who are ready to help at any time!

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