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Switzerland: an Innovative Country with Tradition

Aktualisiert: 9. Apr. 2023

The ten-day programme of IChO 2023 reflects the diversity of Switzerland: in addition to wonderful landscapes and centuries-old cities, participants will get to know modern Switzerland with its innovative companies and research institutions. Culinary highlights will also not be missing and hopefully leave a tasty impression of Switzerland

The first two days of the programme will focus on ETH Zurich , the city of Zurich and the industry partners of IChO 2023.

Divided into small groups, the students and their team guides will get to know the campus, visit the laboratories of the Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences and gain an insight into many other scientific facilities. Afterwards, they will discover the city of Zurich with its many sights and the beautiful lake. During guided tours, the participants will learn more about the history and culture of this largest city in Switzerland. Back at ETH, the industry partners will welcome the IChO participants and give them insights into their daily work and the challenges of the future at the "Finding Solutions Fair".

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