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The power of togetherness: unlocking possibilities

Silena Wegmann is a member of the organising committee for the IChO 2023. For her, the IChO journey has been a thrilling experience so far. From the moment she joined, she was captivated by the format of the International Olympiad, and how it inspires young people to develop a passion for chemistry.

I have also been impressed by the commitment of everyone involved in making this event a reality. Working with a diverse group of individuals and some who have volunteered their time and skills has been a wonderful experience.

As I have taken on many tasks throughout my time on the committee, I have come to appreciate how important teamwork is to the success of this project. From authors to supporting organizers, ETH employees, service partners, sponsors, donors, and supporters, each gear has to mesh together to make this event possible. The theme of “Togetherness” aligns perfectly with the event's mission.

Specifically, I am in charge of managing fundraising, partner connections, and programme implementation, which includes organising excursions, events and ceremonies. At this point I want to express my gratitude to all our partners for their support. Some of them will even be participating in the event, and I am eagerly looking forward to observing how their contributions will support our theme of ”Finding Solutions”. We believe that it is crucial for partners to be able to shape the event in the spirit of togetherness to make it a great experience for all.

As we continue to work on the programme design and plan the various events and ceremonies, it is important to keep in mind the needs and interests of the participants. Being reminded of the theme of "Finding Solutions" that runs through it all, we are incorporating interactive and hands-on activities that allow participants to engage with the theme of finding solutions in an inspiring and meaningful way.

We are also planning on highlighting the country's rich history, culture, and natural beauty. Means we are including tours of local landmarks, museums, and attractions, or incorporate traditional Swiss activities and customs into the programme.

Our goal is to create together a fun, engaging event that leaves lasting memories for everyone involved. And with a bit of Swissness thrown in, we are confident that the IChO 2023 in Switzerland will be a memorable experience.

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