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Curious to see how it all takes place in 2023? Wanna be part of this major event?

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We are looking forward to your volunteering application!

No chemistry knowledge is required, the most important is your motivation to make the IChO 2023 a success.

Contributing your time and energy to the IChO will also bring you in touch with dozens of co-minded volunteers and up to 350 brightest minds in Chemistry. It will be rewarded by team building activities for volunteers and a work certificate you can use for your CV.

Your expenses like accommodation, meals, and transport expenses will be covered.

Above all, it will be ten days of fun and science feasts organized by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – ETH Zurich and its partners.

We care for the environment - you should ideally reside in Switzerland or Liechtenstein to volunteer.


If you have any questions, send us an email to 

Please, click here to apply for a volunteer position:

Picture: © IPhO 2016 / Roman Ernst

We are looking for these volunteers

Team Guide

As a reference person for the 15 to 19 year old students of the almost 90 delegations, the Team Guide is the business card of the organization. Fun and exchange characterize the assignment, but the guide is also responsible for the small and big worries of the guests and enables the participants a carefree stay. Towards the teams, the Team Guide is the person who gives information and accompanies the students during the entire programme. There is one team guide per team of four students, but small delegations are grouped together. The intention is to assign a Team Guide to each team with appropriate language skills of the team. 


Requirements: Enjoyment of intercultural encounters, ability to work under pressure, solution-oriented understanding of service, foreign languages.

Required availability: During the entirety of the event and one day before for a kick-off meeting (15 - 25 July 2023).


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