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Discover the Splendor of Water in Zurich!

Aktualisiert: 20. Juni 2023

Glide on serene Lake Zurich, hydrate yourself at numerous fountains, and dive into invigorating swimming spots. Embark on scenic hikes, bike along picturesque paths, and uncover hidden treasures. Embrace the vibrant energy and create lasting memories in Zurich!

Zurich, nestled on the picturesque shores of Lake Zurich, is a city where water takes center stage. It serves as a source of inspiration, a symbol of life, and a reminder of the importance of sustainable solutions. Zurich invites you to explore the wonders of water and the plethora of activities it offers.

Meanwhile, you will never go thirsty with over 1,200 fountains spread throughout the city. These fountains offer free, refreshing drinking water, allowing you to refill your bottles and stay hydrated while reducing plastic waste.

In summer, Zurich comes alive with an array of water-related activities. Experience the tranquility of Lake Zurich as you glide across its serene waters on a stand-up paddleboard or embark on a kayaking adventure. On hot days, take a dip in the invigorating swimming spots that dot the city, or discover the unique charm of public swimming pools that transform into vibrant bars at night, creating a lively social atmosphere.

For those seeking active experiences on land, Zurich offers a myriad of options. Lace up your hiking boots and embark on a scenic adventure in the nearby Uetliberg mountain, offering panoramic vistas of the city and its surrounding natural beauty. Or grab a bike and pedal along the well-maintained cycling paths that crisscross the city, taking you to parks, gardens, and vibrant neighborhoods.

Take advantage of your leisure time to discover the treasures Zurich has to offer. Discover hidden hiking trails, scenic biking routes, and thrilling water sports facilities that will make your time in Zurich truly memorable.

As you embrace the vibrant energy of Zurich, we encourage you to connect with fellow participants, engage in discussions, and foster new ideas inspired by the scientific community gathered here. Enjoy your stay in this remarkable city and savor the experiences that Zurich has to offer, creating lasting memories of your time at the IChO 2023.

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