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Whether you are a participant, volunteer or other accompanying person, we welcome you to ETHZ and look forward to meeting you! Here you will find all the information you need to prepare your arrival in Switzerland.

Let's find great solutions together !

IChO 2023 is not a simple competition... It's made to show how chemistry can develop great solutions !


31 May 2023
Registration deadline: Confirm the delegation participation

16 June 2023
Registration deadline: Submit information of individuals and travel details

17 July 2023
Opening Ceremony

1st June 2023
Worked solutions to preparatory problems published online

16 July 2023
Arrival Day  I  Registration  I  Hotel Check-In

19 July 2023
Practical Exams

24 July 2023
Closing Ceremony  I  Farewell Dinner

21 July 2023
Theoretical Exams | Reunion Party

25 July 2023
Departure Day


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Become a volunteer and participate in the success of the next IChO in Zürich

The International Chemistry Olympiad will be hosted between 16-25 July, 2023 for the first time in Switzerland, organised by the ETH Zurich. We are excited to welcome over 900 participants from up to 90 delegations from all over the world!

Such a big event is impossible without the help of dedicated people like you! Knowledge of chemistry is not mandatory. The most important asset is your motivation to make the IChO 2023 a success. Your accommodation, meals, and transportation expenses in Switzerland will be covered.


In addition, you will receive access to the outstanding academic and sightseeing program when accompanying our international guests. Please feel free to share this with your network and let’s make this great event happen – together

The International Chemistry Olympiad is a competition for young chemists. Switzerland has participated in the IChO since 1987. The goal of the Olympiads is to challenge and encourage scientifically interested and talented middle school students and to promote international exchange.

For the IChO each delegation can provide a team of a maximum of 4 young people under the age of 20 who have previously been selected in the national Olympiad of their country. In Switzerland, approximately 300 young talents complete the first round of SwissChO each year.

Young international chemistry talents between 16 and 19 years of age

Mentors, Observers and Guests

Volunteers and Staff

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We are looking for

Team Guide


Mentor Guides

Event Volunteers

Scientific Assistant

Media Volunteers

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