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You are all Winners

Aktualisiert: 28. Juli 2023

Medals have been awarded for outstanding achievement since ancient times. They are a symbol of honor and excellence in athletics, diplomacy and science. Many of the students will also soon receive a medal for their performance at the IChO. And who knows, maybe one day someone of them will receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry?

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry is perhaps the most well-known chemistry medal. The medal of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences represents nature in the form of a goddess resembling Isis, emerging from the clouds and holding in her arms a cornucopia. The veil which covers her cold and austere face is held up by the Genius of Science. The inscription on the medal reads: “Inventas vitam iuvat excoluisse per artes” and means literally: It is beneficial to have improved (human) life through discovered arts.

Whether at IChO you are aiming for a gold medal like Daniils from Latvia: “I hope for a gold medal because I already have bronze and silver, so it would be nice to get the last one and to have all three of them in my collection” or are happy with a certificate like Vivian from Switzerland: “I don’t expect to get any medal or diploma, probably just a certificate for the participation. But, of course, I hope that we all from the Swiss team will get at least honorable mentions”, the students all did a great job and we hope that they had an unforgettable time at the IChO 2023 in Switzerland!


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