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What did our participants from Lucerne think?

Student from Malaysia

The journey Zurich - Lucerne was very beautiful: on the way I saw a lot of farmland, a lot of mountains and grassland. I think this landscape is something we can not see in my home country Malaysia, so this is quite a unique experience for me. In Lucerne, I went shopping and bought some famous Swiss souvenirs. We also walked around Lucerne a bit and I really liked the lake and the boats, although I think the lake was very similar to the lake in Zurich, just with more mountains in the background. We have a lot of mountains in Malaysia, but they are quite high because our landscape is rather flat. We have already visited Zurich, the canton of Valais and Bern: Bern is my 100% favourite at the moment!

Student from Philippines

The bus ride was lovely: we played cards and listened to music (because we had our mobile phones with us again!). It was a very pleasant journey. After we got off the bus, we saw the river and the lake, we got to see different places that are very different from Zurich. I think Lucerne is the place I liked the most in Switzerland. I met new people and got to hang out more with my friends from Georgia, who we just met yesterday! I am definitely happy about today because there is no more chemistry! We needed a break! The best thing I experienced today: I actually cried tears of joy because I met the president of IUPAC (which makes the rules for naming organic molecules!!!). I rejoiced: -OMG, is this really HIM...? After we took a photo together, I was just crying on the sidelines because I could not believe it! It was just wonderful and such an honour. Everything about Lucerne is so beautiful: we were able to enjoy many things and finally rest.

Student from Nigeria

It's my first time in Switzerland. I am really happy to be in Lucerne. My city in my country is very different from Lucerne. In my city there is no drinking water and no public transport like in Switzerland. That's why I really like the fact that in Switzerland you can drink water from almost any well or tap. The villages, meadows and green farms we saw on the drive between Zurich and Lucerne are something new for me. There is nothing like that in my area in Nigeria and I am very interested in seeing all that. I have not bought any souvenirs yet because they were so expensive!

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