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But how did our students like the visit at the institute?

Carmen from Spain (right)

The fact that the Paul Scherrer Institute building was shaped like a donut was very interesting and especially because that is a functional shape! It looked like a very important place. Just like Marija, I would like to work in research in chemistry or biochemistry. Practical research is my goal. I would like to do research in a lab, but working in a scientific facility with such complex equipment as we saw today would also be an option and a great opportunity to develop and progress as a scientist.

Marija from Northern Macedonia (left)

I enjoyed the tour, but I lean more towards the side of chemistry that has to do with biology, for example biochemistry. The Paul Scherrer Institute focuses more on physics and especially quantum physics, so I could not understand too much because I never dived deep into modern physics. On the other hand, I would love to work in such a scientific institution, but of course only if it had more to do with my field of interest. It seemed very special and conducive to science.

Luz Giselle from El Salvador

In El Salvador, there is nothing like this institute we visited today: Everything was new and exciting for me. It was a huge and impressive place. I think the most interesting thing is the scale at which they work: It's so small! They said things are even done in picoseconds (picosecond to second - 1:1 x 10*-12) - that was something that really impressed me. The particles are accelerated in a donut-shaped building - we walked around in it. I liked that the people who work there showed very simply how things work there. For example, he explained one thing using three simple things: Water, small metal steel and the simplest laser you can buy in any shop, but that way you could imagine the processes better.

Elina from Ukraine

It was a really interesting trip to the Paul Scherrer Institute. I spend most of my time studying organic chemistry, so I learned a lot of new things about physics today.

It was my first time to visit such an institute and I would love to work in one because it offers many opportunities, great experiences and of course funding for research. Maybe initially I would want to work in a lab at the university, but PSI also seemed like a great way to learn more and contribute to society. If I had the opportunity to choose between ETH Zurich and PSI, I would choose ETH at the moment, but they are both very modern and interesting places. I was very impressed by the size of the institute.

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