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Preparing is Key

Aktualisiert: 28. März 2023

January is a really busy month for the Scientific Committee – and an emotional one as well. The International Steering Committee (IChO SC) has honoured us with their presence and held a meeting here in Zurich. After two years of remote meetings, it was a pleasure to see this group of friends meet, hug and catch up in a very amicable atmosphere.

Together with the Scientific Committee and the Organising Committee of the IChO 2023, the IChO SC visited both hotels for students and mentors, the locations of the Opening Ceremony (Spirgarten), Closing Ceremony (Tonhalle), and the Reunion Party (Campus Irchel of the University of Zurich). The IChO SC gave valuable tips and recommendations from their experience of past IChOs, while also taking the occasional group picture or selfie, for instance at the sunny lake side of Lake Zurich.

The IChO SC also inspected the exam locations at ETH Zurich for both the practical as well as the theoretical exams that are going to be held on the Campus Hönggerberg of ETH Zurich and in the labs of its Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences. In order for the students to prepare for these exams, the Scientific Committee of the IChO 2023 and a large number of students, PhDs, postdocs, and professors have worked hard to come up with a set of Preparatory Problems. We really appreciate this huge amount of work made by all these authors – thank you all for this huge effort and great team work!

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