IChO2023, 55th Chemistry Olympiad, Zurich, Switzerland, 2023, ETH Zurich

IChO 2023 - International Chemistry Olympiad 2023

The first IChO in Switzerland! From 16 - 25 July 2023 more than 900 participants, mentors and volunteers from over 90 countries are expected to attend the International Chemistry Olympiad 2023. Besides two chemistry exams the young talents will experience a wide range of cultural activities, Swiss business and lifestyle as well as the picturesque landscape of Switzerland.


The International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) is an annual international competition for talented young students in secondary schools and colleges. The first IChO took place in Prague in 1968. Since 1987, Switzerland has sent delegations to more than 30 IChOs but has never been a host country itself. The time has come in 2023! The Swiss Chemistry Olympiad Association (SwissChO) and ETH Zurich have been awarded the contract to host the event in Switzerland.








ETH Zurich Hönggerberg / Switzerland
16 – 25 July 2023 

ETH Zurich  Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

D-​CHAB      Departement of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences of ETH Zurich

SwissChO    Swiss Chemistry Olympiad Association

SO                Association of Swiss Science Olympiads

SCS              Swiss Chemical Society


up to 91 countries
over 900 people



Young international chemistry talents between 16 and 19 years of age




Observers and Guests


Volunteers and Organisers 


  • Promoting young talents in STEM* subjects - especially chemistry - with an attractive extracurricular
    educational programme

  • Motivating young people from all over the world to study chemistry in Switzerland 

  • Media presence both nationally and internationally

  • Public relations work on the topic of chemistry using an image campaign

  • Positioning Switzerland as a leading location for education, industry and research

* Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

In addition to its scientific aspect the IChO supports international exchange and diplomatic relations. The participants from all over the world are ambassadors and the decision makers of the future. Back in their home country they shall talk about Switzerland as a location for outstanding education, innovative research and a thriving industry. 


The organisers of the IChO 2023 have committed themselves to cover the accommodation costs of the participants including the social programme for the duration of the event. The delegations participate with a symbolic contribution.

Collaborations will be sought with the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI), a long-​time partner of the Science Olympiads, as well as Switzerland Tourism and other important partners. The expenses will mainly have to be borne by fundraising contributions from foundations, companies and private individuals, services and contributions of the organisation team as well as the unpaid work of volunteers.

Reference Projects


Swiss Chemistry Olympiad

The SwissChO is an extracurricular educational offer with an integrated competition for students of high schools and vocational schools. The organisation of the SwissChO, the supervision of the students as well as the participation in the international competitions is handled by the association SwissChO and its volunteers. The association is a member of the SO and is thus in constant exchange with the Olympiads in biology, informatics, geography, mathematics, philosophy, physics, robotics, economics and linguistics.

Logo, Swiss Chemistry Olympiad, Chemie-Olympiade, Olympiade de Chemie, Olimpiadi della Chimica

The International Chemistry Olympiad is a competition for young chemists. Switzerland has participated in the IChO since 1987. The goal of the Olympiads is to challenge and encourage scientifically interested and talented middle school students and to promote international exchange.

For the IChO each delegation can provide a team of a maximum of 4 young people under the age of 20 who have previously been selected in the national Olympiad of their country. In Switzerland, approximately 300 young talents complete the first round of SwissChO each year.

Professor Dr. Günther Dissertori
President of the IChO 2023 and Rector of ETH Zurich

"We are very excited to host the International Chemistry Olympiad 2023 in Zurich, at ETH and even more specifically on ETH Hönggerberg - the working place for many scientists and engineers, for whom the solution of tricky problems is close to their hearts. 

As a Rector I am looking forward to all the talents, mentors and guests who will join us next summer for a wonderful time of exchange and inspiration! To make this event happen, all contributions from the ETH Community and from longstanding or new partners are most welcome!"

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