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From 16 - 25 July 2023

At ETH Zurich - Switzerland

More than a Chemistry Competition...

IChO 2023 is not a simple competition... We will also show how chemistry helps to develop great solutions!

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Professor Günther Dissertori

President of IChO 2023 and Rector of ETH Zurich

"We are excited to host the 55th International Chemistry Olympiad 2023 in Zurich at ETH. After more than 30 years of attending the International Chemistry Olympiads, Switzerland will host this exciting event next year for the first time.​ 

Finding Solutions will be the main theme of the International Chemistry Olympiad 2023"



Professor Wendelin J. Stark

Head of Scientific Committee IChO 2023

"Switzerland is one of the most important locations for the brightest minds in the world. As a professor of chemistry and applied biosciences, I am therefore particularly pleased to welcome the most brilliant chemistry talents of the future at ETH Zurich. Among other things, here we foster innovation: we want to attract inventors and find novel impactful solutions to improve our everyday lives."



This year, the two main themes are "finding solutions" and "together". The purpose of these themes is to highlight the important role of chemistry in achieving our sustainability goals. And to show concrete projects or actions that are being carried out to achieve carbon neutrality. But also the importance of cohesion, teamwork, mutual help and collaboration in developing innovative solutions.


Discover also how the members of the 2023 Chemistry Olympiad organization are committed to minimize the carbon footprint of this international event.


The first IChO in Switzerland! From 16 - 25 July 2023 more than 900 participants, mentors and volunteers from approximately 90 countries and areas are expected to attend the International Chemistry Olympiad 2023. Besides two chemistry exams the young talents will experience a wide range of cultural activities, Swiss business and lifestyle as well as the picturesque landscape of Switzerland.

Discover your programme

The final program is coming soon...

1st June 2023
Worked solutions to preparatory problems published online

31 May 2023
Registration deadline: Confirm the delegation participation

16 June 2023
Registration deadline: Submit information of individuals and travel details

17 July 2023
Opening Ceremony

16 July 2023
Arrival Day  I  Registration  I  Hotel Check-In

19 July 2023
Practical Exams

24 July 2023
Closing Ceremony  I  Farewell Dinner

21 July 2023
Theoretical Exams | Reunion Event

25 July 2023
Departure Day

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Welcome to Switzerland

Chemistry in Zurich and around the world in 2023!

The D-​CHAB has a long and proud history at the ETH Zurich, beginning as one of the original 6 "Abteilungen" at the ETH’s founding in 1855. With an international faculty of over 50 professors, almost 1800 students and postdoctoral fellows from more than 26 countries and supporting scientific, technical and administrative staff (600 FTE), the D-​CHAB is one of the largest of departments. It is located in some of the finest research and teaching facilities with excellent equipment and infrastructure.

Ready to join us in Zurich

All the informations you need to be ready on time

You can find all the information you need about accommodation and Visa on the "Plan your Trip" page.

You will also find some information about Switzerland, the city of Zurich and the ETH Zurich which will host the Chemistry Olympics 2023.



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Rector, ETH Zurich, Dr. Prof. Sarah Springman, University
Professor Sarah M. Springman
Honorary President of the IChO 2023 and
former Rector of ETH Zurich

"Please join the movement to enable and support talented young people from around the world to meet together in Zurich at the International Chemistry Olympiad in 2023 to test their knowledge of chemistry and to apply it creatively to solve problems."

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