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IChO 2023 Newsletter Catalyzer #0.1

Aktualisiert: 20. Juni 2023

Let us Find Solutions Together

It is our pleasure to present the first issue of Catalyzer


More than 900 participants, mentors, observers and volunteers from around 90 countries and regions will come to Switzerland for this event. We are looking forward to the 10 days in July and will put together a varied and interesting programme for our guests. In the Catalyzer we will provide monthly updates on the status of the organisation. We will also introduce you to people who are shaping this year's competition, to people who are working on tomorrow's solutions and to people who are creating innovations together.

Enjoy reading the newsletter. Your IChO 2023 Team


A Warm Welcome to Switzerland

«As a professor of chemistry and applied biosciences, I am particularly pleased to welcome the most brilliant chemistry talents of the future at ETH Zurich.» Professor Wendelin J. Stark, IChO Alumnus


Preparing is Key

January was a very busy month for the Scientific Committee – and an emotional one as well. The International Steering Committee (IChO SC) met here in Zurich. After two long years, it was a pleasure to see this group of friends meet and catch up in a very friendly atmosphere.


Solutions Finders Hard at Work

While the Scientific Committee ensures that the exams run smoothly, the Organising Committee takes care of the many other things needed to host IChO 2023. There are a lot of complex but interesting tasks that require a high level of teamwork.


Young and Rising – Students in search of future solutions

Within the framework of IChO 2023, the best of the best will take their exams at ETH Zurich. Excellence is a tradition at ETH and also at D-CHAB (Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences): Every year, the Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme of the ETH Foundation supports outstanding students so that they can focus on working on the solutions of tomorrow. Get to know the selected students from 2022 better.


Friendship Stories

The Science Olympiads are more than a competition: they bring together young people from all over Switzerland who share common interests. Many friendships have their beginnings in one of the training camps, workshops or finals. Like the one of Jedrzej, Jehan and Raphael.


Switzerland: an Innovative Country with Tradition

The ten-day programme of IChO 2023 reflects the diversity of Switzerland. In addition to beautiful landscapes and historic cities, participants will get to know modern Switzerland with its innovative companies and research institutions. In addition, culinary highlights will hopefully leave a tasty impression of Switzerland.


Together we Organise a Great Event

IChO 2023 is an event that brings people from around the world together in Zurich. Such an event can only be successfully held with our Partners who support the competition with financial means and great commitment. IChO 2023 has succeeded in building such a partner network which is involved in the organisation and programme design with great commitment. A big thank you to all companies, organisations and authorities who support us!


Main Partners: SBFI | Metrohm | Stiftung | Lonza | Givaudan Organisers: ETH Zurich | D-CHAB | Chemistry | Olympiad Science | Olympiad SCS International Partner: Huawei And many thanks to all our other Partners

©IChO 2023

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